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    29 May - 05 May 2020

    Online film screening Session 3: Anuka Ramischvili - Schafër, Lap (se), 2016

    For our online film screening program, session 3, we are delighted to screen lap(se), 2016 by Anuka Ramischvili - Schafër.

    Sound, writing, editing, camera - Anuka Ramischwili-Schäfer
    Voices - Bidzina Ramischwili, Sopo Ramischwili, Andrea Schäfer, Manana G
    Inserts - Kashif Sharma-Patel

    lap(se) was created for SOUND::GENDER::FEMINISM::ACTIVISM in 2016 and went on to screen at Sonic Cyberfeminisms Lincoln, Interrupted = “Cyfem and Queer> in Berlin, and played as a soundtrack on Documenta's public radio. 


    Please download artist's short biography here.


    Anuka Ramischvili - Schafër
    oppening hours
    12:00 - 20:00