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    12 September - 26 September 2020

    Three, Four Trees

    Three, four trees



    Three, four trees makes a garden of three, four, seven or twelve trees. It also means ‘heaven’ in Georgian. 


    The group exhibition showcases commissioned and pre-existing works by artists of different standpoints around the subject of heaven, garden, and the future in the times of crisis and collapsing promises of the status quo. 


    Please download press release here


    Due to the recent regulations, issued by the government of Georgia on 10th of September, 2020, the exhibition is open by appointment only.

    To book an appointment, please reach us at hi@easharedspace.com, or through our social media.

    Please do not forget to wear medical masks.

    Stay safe,




    Sophio Medoidze
    Jesse Darling
    Lisa Gutscher
    David Horvitz
    Salome Dumbadze
    oppening hours
    12:00 - 20:00