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    12 მაისი - 16 მაისი 2020

    Maia 24 / 7

    Maia 24 / 7
    A solo presentation for Not Cancelled East x South
    E.A. Shared Space, Tbilisi

    Maia Naveriani is an artist living and working in Tbilisi, Georgia. She was born in 1966, in Tbilisi, USSR. She was formally trained at the Tbilisi State Academy of Art, as well as studied under the class of one of Gia Edzgveradze, one of the pioneers among conceptual artists in Georgia. Soon after, Maia was part of the artist collective Everything is Alright, formed by Edzgveradze and peer artists: Tamara K.E., Keti Kapanadze, Thea Gvetadze and others. The collective focused on happening and public interventions.

    In the beginning of 1990's, very soon after the collapse of USSR, Naveriani emigrated to London, UK, where she stayed for more than two decades. She never stopped working in her studio. She was mainly working on drawing, mostly using pencil on paper as the most usually used material, among others. Her practice always spoke about the subject of a female body in patriarchal society. Based upon imagery derived from pop-culture, Greek mythology, Bible, William Shakespeare, as well as common knowledge of fairy tales, Naveriani combines the popular signs and symbols with her immediate present. Themes, such as parenthood, domestic labour, emotional labour, as well as heavily male dominated reality form the ever evolving leitmotif in her body of work.

    For Not Cancelled East x South, we chose a series of works from Naveriani's earlier career. These works of prophetic character vividly speak about isolation, alienation, uncertain future, the present on hold, as well as state of exception as such. The series are thematically combined with several recent large-scale works.

    "Maia is Innocent", and "Maia is 24 / 7" here for the digital art week.


    Maia Naveriani
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